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Robert Stanek's Sovereign Rule



What's the story about?


Between fear and freedom lies the shadowed reality through which Scott Evers must go. If he lets them know that he's afraid for, and therefore cares about, those around him, the powerbrokers will take them away one by one until Scott's the only one left between us and those that want to control us.


Scott's desperate to keep his wife and unborn child alive but as Scott's about to find out, the rules of the game have changed and those that control the rules control the game. The weak and rash take power using bombs and terror; the strong and resolute by sovereign rule. Only one man is in a position to take back control, but can Scott Evers unravel the secrets and lies before it's too late?


Sovereign Rule: A tautly told and suspenseful thriller from bestselling author Robert Stanek. Packed with twists and turns, this is Stanek at his best.


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Featured Author – Robert Ludlum


ROBERT LUDLUM was the author of twenty-one novels, each one a New York Times bestseller. There are more than 210 million of his books in print, and they have been translated into thirty-two languages. He is the author of The Scarlatti Inheritance, The Chancellor Manuscript, and the Jason Bourne series--The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum--among others. Before his death in March 2001, Robert Ludlum had already finished writing a number of different novels, which will continue to be published by St. Martin's Press.




The Altman Code (With Gayle Lynds)

The Janson Directive

The Paris Option (With Gayle Lynds)

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The Cassandra Compact (With Philip Shelby)

The Prometheus Deception

The Hades Factor (With Gayle Lynds)

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The Bourne Supremacy

The Aquitaine Progression

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The Holcroft Covenant

The Chancellor Manuscript

The Road to Gandolfo

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The Matlock Paper

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The Scarlatti Inheritance


If you want to start reading Robert Ludlum, try The Bourne Identity, which is without doubt one of his best works. So Start Here!



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