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CNN-FN Interview

CNN-FN article on Web marketing features our President, William Robert Stanek. You can read the interview below.

CNN-FN: Before you begin marketing your Web site, what are some key things you need to have on your web site as far as content to make it an effective commercial site?

William Robert Stanek: Despite all the hoopla over high-power Web sites, you'll find that the most important ingredient for success is content. A Web site needs substance--fish can't swim without water and Web sites can survive without substance. To make your Web site a success, build it around a solid framework of content that is interesting and--gasp--useful. If you examine the top Web sites today, you'll see that they follow this model to a T. The Web site designs are simple, the interfaces clean, and the content is king.

CNN-FN: How important is it to get a self-named URL (i.e. www.williamstanek.com)

William Robert Stanek: When you look at URLs that use personal or business names, you are really looking at branding and related issues. Branding is one of the hottest topics on the Web right now. Few people understand how to create a name identity on the Web--and fewer still have been successful at it. One of the starting points for branding is to figure out how you want your business to be perceived in cyberspace then ask yourself is your personal or business name the brand identity you want to establish on the net?

CNN-FN: Where should you start first when marketing your web site?

William Robert Stanek: Marketing shouldn't really be step one in promoting your Web site. Before you begin promoting your Web site, you should really take the time to get what I call the Big Picture for your Web site. The Big Picture tells you things like who is visiting your Web site, what areas they like, what areas they don't like, etc. Once you have the Big Picture, you can use this information to market your Web site smartly and effectively. You'll find a lot more information on getting the Big Picture in my book Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend, published by Prima Publishing.

CNN-FN: Many businesses are locally oriented. What can they do offline, within their communities, to promote their sites?

William Robert Stanek: Small businesses have many opportunities to promote their Web sites within the local community and they can do so without spending a lot. However before you get started, make sure the Web address you have now is the one you plan to use for awhile--if not indefinitely. Start by letting your customers know you have a Web site: put the Web address on your business cards, letterhead and other correspondence. If you have a computer printer, you can also print out signs to display in your business or flyers that provide the Web address and information on the Web site.


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