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Web Site Design:
A Comprehensive Approach

Building a great Web site involves much more than design.  Not only should a design service create your Web site or home page, the service should also include follow-up maintenance, training and Web site promotion.

With a maintenance service you can ensure that your Web site stays up to date. For example, if you have a sale and prices change, you should be able to get changes made to your Web site. When the sale is over, you should be able to change back to the original prices.

When you use the Web@Work Studio's design service, the basic maintenance service is provided free of charge for a specified period of time. With the basic service, minor updates to your pages are free as long as there is additional time remaining in the project budget. To help you maintain your own pages, we can also train your employees to use the necessary development tools.

With a promotion campaign, you can ensure that the word gets out about your new home page or Web site. After all, what's a Web site without visitors?

With Web@Work Studio's design service, you also get the basic promotion service free of charge. This service promotes your home page to over 150 directories, search engines and Web guides. If you want to run additional promotion campaigns, you can purchase a premium promotion plan.

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