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  Web Design Studio: Designing custom Web solutions since March 1994


Corporate Background

 Web@Work Studio Ltd is based in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. The area we serve includes the Seattle metropolitan area, Tacoma and the state capital of Olympia. We will also gladly work with clients elsewhere in the U.S. and Canada.

 As one of the oldest technology design and development companies, the work of Virtual Press and our founder, William Stanek, has been featured in dozens of books and magazine articles as well as newspapers.

Books in which our work appears includes (in chronological order):

  • Electronic Publishing Unleashed
  • Web Publishing Unleashed
  • Peter Norton's Guide to Java Programming
  • Developing Intranet Applications with Java
  • Microsoft BackOffice 2 Unleashed
  • FrontPage Unleashed
  • Internet 1997 Unleashed
  • FrontPage 97 Unleashed
  • Web Publishing Unleashed Professional Reference Edition
  • Java 1.1 Unleashed, 3rd Edition
  • Netscape ONE Developer's Guide
  • Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend
  • FrontPage 98 Unleashed
  • Learn the Internet in a Weekend
  • Server-side JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

A sample of magazine and journal articles includes:

  • Mar. 97, Web-to-Database Connectivity, Dr. Dobb's SourceBook
  • May 97, LiveWire Web-to-Database Solutions: Introducing LiveWire, Dr. Dobb's
  • Jun. 97, Spotlight on JavaScript, PC Magazine
  • Jun. 97, VBScript 2.0 and JavaScript 1.2, PC Magazine
  • Jul. 97, LiveWire Web-to-Database Solutions: Creating a Query Engine, Dr. Dobb's SourceBook
  • Aug. 97, VRML: 3D for the Web, PC Magazine
  • Sep. 97, Distributed Programming With CORBA and IIOP, PC Magazine
  • Sep. 97, Pushing the Envelope with Push Technology, PC Magazine
  • Sep. 97, Working With CGI, Dr. Dobb's SourceBook
  • Jan. 98, Creativity and Control with DHTML, PC Magazine
  • May 98, Structuring Data with XML, PC Magazine

As you can see, when we say we know Technology like no one else in the business, we mean it. And, we have the credentials to back it up.



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