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Reagent Press: Helping Communities and Growing

SEATTLE--(PR NEWSWIRE)--July 7, 2003— Thanks to a strong first half, Reagent Press sales exceeded expectations and the company is on track to meet 2003 sales goals. Jeannie Kim of Reagent Press stated that she was very pleased with the progress the company has made in large part due to new distribution partnerships and better relationships with booksellers. “It’s such a tough market for small presses,” said Jeannie Kim, “We’re making great progress. Booksellers are getting a better understanding of our books. We’re establishing lasting partnerships. All good for the long-term success of the business.”


In March 2003, Reagent Press announced a book fair program allowing schools and libraries to place book fair orders directly with Reagent Press and Ruin Mist Publications. This was followed up with the Reagent Press Books for Schools program that allowed qualifying schools and libraries to receive free, for classroom-use-only copies of select Reagent Press titles with their book orders. The early success of these programs has helped boost sales and awareness of this unique small press.


Robert Stanek author of the popular Ruin Mist books says, “I am pleased to be an author with a company that’s trying to help communities, and succeeding in helping children develop a life-long love of books and reading.”


Jeannie Kim adds, “Robert Stanek is one of the nicest people you’d ever meet. The Book Club and Books for Schools Programs were things he really wanted because he believes in giving back to the community—and giving back to communities is something we at Reagent Press strongly believe in as well.


About Robert Stanek

Robert Stanek’s work has been published in more than fifty countries, including the United States, Britain, Japan, Korea, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Turkey and various Latin American countries. Robert became interested in writing as a child and was creating stories virtually from the time he was able to read and write.


He started work as a journalist and editor - with a school newspaper - at the age of nine!


He joined the United States Air Force at the age of nineteen and at twenty-six served in the Persian Gulf War, and earned many medals for his wartime service, including the highest-flying honor, the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross. After the war, he decided to complete college, and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in only 3 years. The same year he graduated college, Robert had published his first book, a self-help guide to electronic publishing.


At age thirty-one, he decided to devote most of his time to full-length works of fact and fiction and since then has published more than fifty books, many of them international best sellers. Today he works as a full-time author with an interest in, among other things, technology, computers, and the outdoors! He has broadcast and lectured about his work throughout the United States.


Robert has written many children’s books in addition to his adult work. Some of Robert's recent titles include:


* The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches

* The Elf Queen and the King

* Magic Lands

* Keeper Martin's Tale

* Elf Queen's Quest

* Kingdom Alliance

* Sovereign Rule


Robert has written over 50 books over a range of fields, including: self-help, technology, computers, writing, and fiction for both adults and children. He enjoys visits schools and speaking with kids as well.


About Reagent Press

Reagent Press has teamed with the three largest book distributors in the world. In the US, our books are distributed by Ingram and Baker & Taylor. In the UK and Europe, our books are distributed by Bertrams. Reagent Press books also are available through, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million and other fine retailers.

Coming soon to the book sections of your favorite stores, stores like Safeway, Walgreens, Target, Albertsons, and KMart.



Buying Reagent Press books is easy: Drop in the Reagent Press bookstore. Order online at,,, and Or ask for our books at the information desk of your favorite bookstore.


Ask Your Favorite Bookstore to Carry Our Books.

Tell them Ingram is our distributor in the US!


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