Ruin Mist Heroes, Legends & Beyond

AUTHOR: Robert Stanek



SERIES: Ruin Mist Chronicles

ISBN: 1-57545-067-4




Also available in a special large format collector's edition! This large format 8" ½ x 11" edition is printed on beautiful white paper.


Robert Stanek's "Ruin Mist" books are a cultural phenomenon in the making, especially on the Internet where fans and critics hang out. Now for the first time ever, readers can explore the enchanting history on which the world of Ruin Mist is based. Ruin Mist Heroes, Legends & Beyond allows curious readers to look up anything from the magical Ruin Mist books and to delve well beyond the current story. Readers can learn about the dark elves of Under-Earth, common trades in the kingdoms, and beasts that go bump in the night. Read the complete rules for King's Mate: the game, explore maps detailing the known realms, and learn more about the author.

- Look up anything from the magical Ruin Mist books

- Learn about the dark elves of Under-Earth, common trades and beasts that go bump in the night

- Read about wizards, magic and mystical creatures

- Get the complete rules for King's Mate: the game

- Explore detailed maps of the known realms

- Discover heroes, legends and hidden secrets

- Learn more about the author


About the Author


Robert's blockbuster debut book sold over 150,000 copies and worldwide sales of his books are nearly 2 million. During the Persian Gulf War, Robert flew on numerous combat and combat support missions. His distinguished accomplishments earned him nine medals, including the United States of America's highly flying honor, the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross.


Category:   Fiction & Literature

                    Science Fiction & Fantasy

Reader Reviews


"At first you are whisked away to the land of the elves then the story goes to the Kingdoms where you learn about Princess Adrina and the would-be mage Vilmos. The three stories become intertwined in a way that is powerful and at times mesmerizing. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a new series to read and is looking to slip away from reality for a time."


"Powerful and imaginative! The book is at once innovative and yet has the texture of legends of the past. Wonderful! Don't miss out, you won't be disappointed."


"Hooked instantly! The author understands what it takes to create a great work of fantasy and has definitely created a memorable world with terrific characters."


"Indulge, slip away to Ruin Mist! Some authors are powerful storytellers. Some create wonderful worlds. Others create memorable characters. When you find an author that is capable of telling a powerful story that revolves around memorable characters in a deep, rich world, you really have something wonderful—and wonderful is definitely what this book is about! I was enchanted from the start …"


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